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Fall Home Maintenance

Whether you live in brand new construction, a log cabin, a 30 year old home, or rent an apartment, there are things everyone can do to prepare both inside and outside for fall.

Not all of these items will apply to you, but this time of year, with temperatures cooling down, it’s a great idea to do some regular home maintenance as well.

Here is a quick checklist of To Do’s to prepare your home for fall

  • Check and replace batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

  • Replace batteries in flashlights and make sure extras are on hand

  • Stock up on emergency supplies; food, batteries, medical care, water

  • Give your furnace a checkup

  • Replace filters

  • Clean on and around your HVAC units. Remove any debris, weeds, trash, etc.

  • Inspect your roof for any damage

  • Ensure outdoor water pipes spigots are detached from hoses, drained, and insulated

  • Turn off and drain your sprinkler line

  • Prepare and inspect your fireplace

  • Replace dry or damaged weather stripping on all doors and windows

  • Clean the gutters and install gutter guards to prevent backups and clogs

  • Empty fuel from summer lawn equipment to prepare for months of non use

  • Fix cracks in your driveway

  • Clean out window wells

  • Remove any dead or lose limbs and branches

  • Fertilize and aerate your lawn

  • Put away or cover lawn furniture and grilling equipment

Fall maintenance, inside and outside, is important to ensure your property is in the best possible condition for colder temperatures, rain, and snow. Without taking the time to perform these home maintenance tasks, you may be opening yourself up to larger and more expensive fixes later.

While this list might seem a little overwhelming, remember you can do a lot of these smaller tasks throughout the year. If you find something that needs to be addressed, take care of it as soon as possible. Never hesitate to call a professional for help!

If you're looking to sell, buy, or have some testing done, contact me and we'll make sure you know exactly what you're walking into!

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