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Questions To Ask Your Home Inspector

When you are buying a house, you know that your home inspector will check it out and make sure everything is in working order. But if you want to understand and learn more about the home, you should ask your inspector all the questions you can think of. Remember, you are buying a house, and that’s no small thing. You have every right to ask as many questions as you want and need to.

The moment you are ready to hire a home inspector is when you should start asking questions. This is a list of questions I not only recommend you ask, but as a home inspector, they are questions I appreciate the client bringing up.

Questions to ask before you hire a home inspector

What do you check and what don’t you check?

Home inspectors look at everything; from the roof to the foundation and everything in between. There are limits however. We are limited to visual inspections, meaning we can’t just cut a hole in somebody’s wall to get a closer look. If we find something we feel needs to be looked at further, we’ll put it in the report and from there, you would want to bring in someone specifically for that item.

What do you charge for a home inspection?

Generally speaking, a home inspection can run anywhere from $300-$600, but there are variables to that. Depending on the market, size of home, and the inspector themselves, it can fluctuate. It’s also a good idea to ask when they expect you to pay them and what kind of payment methods they accept.

A word of warning about cost. I would be cautious of a home inspector charging very low prices. It might seem like a good deal, but I promise, paying for a good inspector will more than pay for itself in the end.

Can I be there during the home inspection?

If you hear anything, but a yes to this one, I would walk away. Being present during the inspection gives you more opportunities to ask questions and learn more about your potential home’s workings and systems.

How long will the inspection take?

They generally take place during the workweek during a time the seller won’t be around. Keeping in mind the size of the property, inspections might take a few hours to a full day. Be patient and work with the inspector since there are multiple schedules to work with.

Questions to ask during a home inspection

Is that a big deal or a small issue?

Buying a piece of property is no small purchase and it’s normal to start feeling uneasy or doubtful when the inspector starts talking about cracks in the foundation or roof repairs. Remember that it is the inspector’s job to find and point these things out. Ask about the severity and you might be surprised to learn that they are common problems and not something you need to immediately worry about. If it is something major, well then, that is why you paid for a home inspection and you have what you need to continue negotiations.

Do you have any concerns about this property?

Yes, you will be getting a written report, but nothing beats an in person discussion. While the inspector might not go into detail, they will at least you give a broad overview of what they’ve seen.

If there are larger items that the inspector has flagged, such as electrical, plumbing, or the roof, it might be a good idea to bring in a specialist to take a look before signing the papers and taking ownership.

Questions to ask after the inspection is done

I don’t understand this item. Can you clarify?

It should only be a few days after the inspection that you receive the written report and hopefully you were there during the inspection to ask some questions. Once you receive the report, which will probably include pictures of areas of concern if there are any, now is your time to review and ask more questions. If there is anything you are not sure of or need further explanation of, do not be afraid to ask.

Is there anything I should do immediately after moving in?

Between your discussions with the inspector and your written report, you should have a game plan of items to tackle once you’re the owner. You hired a home inspector to tell you what, if anything, needs to be improved or repaired on the property. It is your responsibility to take that list and start getting things taken care of.

Being in the profession for as long as I have, I have heard more than enough horror stories about people either not hiring a home inspector or not paying for a quality and thorough one. I cannot stress enough home crucial it is to get your home inspected by someone you trust to do the job.

If you or someone you know is need of a home inspection, please visit our website to schedule an appointment. We are also available for Radon, Mold, and Meth Testing.

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